Most important things you need to know about Angelina:

1) Results based business coach. Angelina is an experienced business coach who fully understands the joys and pain of running businesses. She is passionate about helping business owners become more focused, take action and get the results they deserve. Her effective coaching empowers people to gain clarity, increase confidence and become more effective. This results in improved leadership, increased productivity and greater financial results ultimately making her clients more money and time to do the fun things they enjoy.

2) Highly experienced manager and entrepeneur. Angelina has gained extensive theoretical business knowledge through her studies at Teesside University, her membership of a worldwide coaching organisation and continuous reading. Sharing 27 years of experience as a successful business owner and manager through effective coaching has resulted in some fantastic results such as sales increases of 30% in just 6 weeks and huge improvements in motivation and levels of productivity.

Angelina can empathise with her clients whilst holding them accountable to achieve their goals. She ran her own energy efficiency surveying business for 8 years which is now in it’s successful 11th year of trading. Under her leadership, the business thrived in an extremely volatile environment and whilst external business factors imposed massive negative impact on the industry she managed to increase revenue by 120% and gained national coverage employing 70 people. The company won a “Best New Business Award” in recognition of it’s achievements. Angelina also successfully designed and developed a compliance-based business which she sold for profit within 12 months.

3) Passionately leading teams since the age of 19. In her first year of management she increased turnover by 40% while managing the most profitable branch in the region for a leading travel firm. She has successfully launched new business units for a major plc (turnover in excess of £700 million), introduced bespoke sales management systems, implemented sales and marketing strategies, and rolled out business strategies and team building initiatives in sectors such as travel, property sales and management, energy efficiency, banking, manufacturing, digital, recruitment and building professions.

4) Loving wife and mother of 3 amazing children. Happily married to Alun and very proud parents of her three 3 amazing children, Carolyn, Layla and Matthew who’s personalities and interests are so varied that no two days are ever the same! Challenging as it is, Angelina knows very well how to juggle work and family life and is a master of time management! She also enjoys her daughter’s athletic achievements, healthy eating, professional development and helping young people to make the right choices to achieve what they aspire to be in life.

“Results based coaching that helps business people make their dreams come true”. If you would like a chat with Angelina about your business please arrange a call with her on 07971 174092

Chris Carroll
Chris Carroll is the owner of Middlesbrough based MGC Agency, a digital agency specialising in web and mobile app development as well as project management and sales. He was experiencing a number of obstacles within his business such as having to work excessively to achieve a number of different tasks, cash flow difficulties, problems with suppliers and inefficient project management. After contacting business coach Angelina Bell, a plan was quickly put into place to begin to make positive changes. Since working with Angelina Bell, a number of improvements have been witnessed within MGC Agency. The poor cash flow has been...

Chris Carroll

Jamie Arthur
Many ambitious Small Businesses owners will reach a stage when growth becomes a hurdle they must overcome, and as a director of a small business I am no different. It was hugely important to me to get an external opinion on our business to be reassured that what we were doing was correct, and that our existing processes were contributing to our growth plans. Sometimes directors/owners of businesses get caught up in the day to day, and having Angelina alongside the business has allowed me to focus on running the business as opposed to being run by the business. Whilst...

Jamie Arthur

Chris Reid
I was very skeptical about coaching whether it be business coaching or life coaching until I had the opportunity to work with Angelina. Working with Angelina for the last 6 months has completely changed my perception of having a coach by experiencing the positives from our sessions and the benefits of an external pair of eyes. We have defined our core values and have a more cohesive vision for the company. Clear role definitions have been established with a better focus on how the business needs to grow. We have also made some staff changes which has resulted in a...

Chris Reid
Director KCR Solutions

Angelina was brought in to help the Hunters team achieve their goals. We worked hard to develop a 1-page strategic plan which has brought the whole team into alignment with a strong understanding of how their individual roles play such an important part of the overall company objectives. Angelina led some brainstorming sessions with the whole team and the result was 6 fantastic Unique selling points and a guarantee which sets us apart from all of the other Estate Agents in our area. A sales script has been developed and the team are coming to grips with the...

Hunters Tesside

Carla Keegans
Angelina has made a demonstrable positive impact upon my business, in a short time! I met with Angelina to agree a tailored package of business development support, of which she was flexible and worked around my business needs. We then worked together to bring out some quantifiable USPs, that have since been turned into very clear service guarantees for landlord customers. She also gave advice and help on producing sales scripts for staff. Angelina helped get all of the knowledge and practice from inside my head onto paper, which we could then articulate easily to customers. This in turn helps...

Carla Keegans
DirectorThe Ethical Lettings Agency

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Chris Carroll, owner of MGC agency utilises services of business coach Angelina Bell to help drive his business forward

Chris Carroll is the owner of Middlesbrough based MGC Agency, a digital agency specialising in web and mobile app development as well as project management and sales. He was experiencing a number of obstacles...

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